The Pond Project will take longer than expected due to consistency of the soils to be dredged. The Board has been consulting w/ pond professionals and the Greene County Soil and Water (GCSW) to determine options available. The Board has consulted the Ohio EPA, GCSW, pond professionals and contractors to determine the scope of work to restore a healthy pond. At no time in the last two and half years (as long as the current Board members have been on the board) has there been any indication that there could be problems with the quality and consistency of the soil to be removed. The rumor that the Board or Towne Properties knew there was 7 ft of “muck” is NOT true. Based on the fact the pond was used for a detention basin to control soil erosion from construction site which was a former farm field indicated the product to be removed should be quality soil. Many variables come into play why there is so much “muck”. The board is committed to completing the project to restore a healthy pond. There was a contingency built in the project funding to address unexpected issues. We have asked the contractor to submit a proposal for changes from the original bid. Hopefully the contingency funds cover the additional costs and will not require accessing the reserve funds.

There was a question about the fish in the pond. The fish that could be captured were relocated. Once the pond is restored we will consult w/ natural resource specialists on the types and quantities of fish to maintain a healthy pond. Updates will be provided when they become available. If you have questions please direct them to a board member.

Thanks! ~The Board

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